Sleeping Dragons

Havine and Relentless make it to Dunn’s Gate and meet with Aungor. There have been strange reports of unnatural phenomenon happening in the forest near that area, and as friendly neighbors, the dwarves requested help to check it out.
Meanwhile, the other group’s travels have taken them here after many miles of being together (Tally, Kitrick/Gnawdy, Medericus, Jasttor, and their prisoner Ilweth). Jasttor takes Ilweth to an inn to keep her away from the general public and to make sure she has a watch kept over her. Aungor mentions to the adventurers that if they’d like to help investigate the forest, there may be a reward in it for them if they ask the guards up nearer to the gate.
The party heads up to the gate markets, where there are a myriad of different shops. Tally sells some gems to the jeweler. Relentless checks out an arcane rune near the gate, meant to bar entry to any who do not have permission to enter Dunn’s Keep. Kitrick inquires about training Gnawdy and strikes a deal with Bega (the exotic animal handler) to work a few days at her shop to help lower the price of training. Havine buys potions and manages to haggle the price down; Relentless asks about artifacts and is given the rundown about an amulet that lets the wearer detect thoughts, a hat that allows the wearer to breathe underwater, and a pair of thieves’ gloves that give the wearer nimble fingers when pickpocketing and lockpicking. Kitrick effortlessly steals two potions from Elssol’s shop without being seen. Tally employs the help of Medericus to haggle down the price of a potion for themselves (Medericus then flirts with Elssol, who seems flattered enough to lower the price somewhat).
Medericus and Relentless both ask about herbs/tea, which Elssol scoffs about, sending them to Whitney at the Elkshead Inn to ask. Medericus asks an upset hunter what his problem is and gains information about the hunter’s wife who’d gone missing in the woods some time ago, seeking a beast only known to them as the forest’s protector. She has a hawk companion.
They eventually begin heading back at dark. Relentless and Havine fish for pearls to no avail. Kitrick plays around with some herbal recipes with herbs he’s picked up on his travels. 
The group gets rooms at the inn. Relentless and Havine stay together, Aungor and two of his druid friends take another, Medericus takes a room and eventually drags Kitrick inside to sleep, and Tally gets her own room. Jasttor has a room with Ilweth but keeps watch all night instead of sleeping.


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