Sleeping Dragons

The Agent of Tiamat

Entire Campaign

Frostshore: Marketplace. 

An old ferrywoman took you to the docks of Frostshore, where the spring thaw had just started setting in. She told you the storyteller’s version of Bahamut and Tiamat, and of your job involving finding and stopping the last cultist who followed Tiamat’s teachings. The town guards seemed few and somewhat lax as you entered into the Courtyard, where many merchants sold their wares. The population seemed to be comprised of all humans, who were unused to other races and showed various amounts of wariness towards you.
Kitrick, as a halfling, was treated as a child and took advantage of this. Though he caused a bit of a ruckus in the square by committing thievery and starting a chase, he also found out that their quarry was a dragonborn with “burnished, metallic scales”.
Medericus was regarded with more than a little fascination and curiosity as a silver dragonborn. As he made his way through the markets, he, too, learned of the person they were to find, and that he had been in the markets earlier that day.
Grethe, always on the lookout for items of value to persuade her criminal brother to help her, set up a heist at the jeweler’s with Seraphina and Tally as her accomplices. It was a success, and she gained some trinkets of value after having a hard time getting other shopkeepers to understand her Dwarvish language.
Seraphina acted as Grethe’s translator from time to time, and used her performing skills to earn a name in Frostshore. She was nearly scammed by a traveling artist, but Medericus stepped in and helped take care of the situation.
Tally encountered a lot of racism as a half-elf, unfortunately, but using her basic knowledge of Elvish weaponry, called out a lying merchant and managed to get a nice longbow for an affordable price.

Frostshore: Tavern. 

The Frosty Beer Mug was a small, humble tavern. You all sat at a large table and ordered drinks as two performers tried to get your attention subtly. A severe, strange looking woman also regarded you from afar.
Upon drinking the beer you all ordered, Medericus and Grethe both fell into a light sleep. The bartender had slipped you all a mild sedative, though not all of you partook in it, and altogether seemed a sloppy attempt to poison the party. The two dozing members shook off the effects fairly quickly, thanks to their sturdy makeup, and the nervous bartender ran out the back door after stammering that he’d been told to put the sedatives in their beer pitcher.
Meanwhile, Kitrick investigated the strange woman and noticed that she seemed to be a magic user. She sneered at him and stomped upstairs and away from them.
Grethe recognized one of the performers as Tim. The two of them tell the party that they are being watched, and invite the party to spend the night and rest at their place. After some attempts at spying on the strange woman through the window via standing on one another's’ shoulders, the party is directed by the two friendly minstrels to meet someone named Gunnur in the forest that night.

Frostshore: Forest.

You rested and met in the forest several hours later. The party was attacked by wolves, though they were quickly killed (and harvested by some). The party got to the bridge, where a horse carriage had been overturned and lit on fire. You all used various means of getting around and across the river/bridge, eventually pushing the carriage into the water, and met up with Gunnur.
Gunnur tells you that the dragonborn you sought was being chased by someone, and the two of them caused the carnage done to his carriage. He mentions that his horse was cast into the river, as well.
He leads you through the dark woods to a strange, dark hole in the ground, where a ladder led downwards. He tells you that that was likely where their quarry went and leaves you all to camp for the night, taking turns as lookout. This results in some party members stealing items from each other.

Frostshore: Underground Tunnel. 

You descended into the tunnel, which seemed to be carved out by hand with old, out-of-date tools. You make your way through a partially blocked path, where you corner a few giant spiders and kill them before taking a few items that seemed to be left behind. Grethe found an item that helped to point her towards what she asked it for (in this case, loot).
As you continued through the tunnel, you discovered some crated items and a shipping order that was marked off and scratched out. This clued you in onto interrupted shipments of items. The smuggler who had been waiting for the next people to take the shipment was killed by a spike trap that you all managed to get through by carefully walking around the activated prongs.
You then found a few useful potions, but also incurred the wrath of another cornered spider, larger than the last ones you killed. Seraphina and Tally worked together to bathe it in oil before roasting it alive, but Grethe was knocked unconscious by its venomous bite, but Kitrick’s herbalism skills and antidotes came in helpful and restored Grethe before she succumbed to the venom.
The party then came across a second dungeon trap, which involved the use of pressure plates that triggered acid clouds. Tally attempted to disarm the trap to no avail. Kitrick managed to run through, but inhaled the acid. Medericus tried his best to use his ice breath in order to freeze the mechanisms of the trap, but the acid burned through the ice too quickly. This ended with Medericus using his superior strength to throw everyone across the pressure plates, with varying amounts of success. You took a long rest in the halls of the dungeon, sleeping off the acid’s effects and healing naturally.
You then entered the first large, open room in the underground tunnel. Tally found Thunder Thighs, the horse belonging to Gunnur, alive and irritated, but unharmed. There were many smaller spiderlings skittering about, though none looked for battle. Kitrick befriended one by feeding it one of the sweetrolls he’d stolen from the marketplace, though he wouldn’t find it again until later.
The party was then confronted by a small, fledgling black dragon when Grethe tried to go for its hoard. Blight, as was the dragon’s name, fought Grethe until Medericus managed to persuade it to come to a truce. Blight agreed on the condition that she go with them and make sure they kill off the one who managed to escape her claws. The party agreed to these uneasy terms and continued on.
Kitrick found a small, glowing stone that called to him through an empathic connection, and upon discovering it, he also found a copper dragon frozen in some kind of clear quartz, magical in nature. Kitrick kept it to himself for the moment.
The party made it through a magical glyph of warding into the next room, where Jasttor the dragonborn was fighting the wizard woman from the tavern earlier, Ilweth. Jasttor immediately trusted the party despite not knowing for certain if they were “good” (he may have assumed because a silver dragonborn was in their midst).
The party, deciding to trust Jasttor when he said that he came to investigate an attack on the earlier captured copper dragon and was attacked by Ilweth, helped him kill Blight and capture Ilweth.
Jasttor explained that he was part of a resistance against Tiamat, who has told lies and used propaganda to make the people think that SHE was the one defeated and captured, when it is Bahamut who was the one who was defeated. Tiamat and her followers have manipulated things to a point where the party ended up being ordered to hunt Jasttor down by even regular townspeople who were unknowingly in on the large-scale scheme. 
He asks the party if they would follow him in the fight against Tiamat’s influence. Grethe decides that this is far too large a task for her to continue and backs out. Seraphina also decides that she would rather increase her own fame than go on a huge quest to save the world, so to speak. Tally, Kitrick, and Medericus opt to continue.
Also, Kitrick found his spider friend again, and managed to get it to come with him on his journey. Her name is Gnawdy.


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