Sleeping Dragons

Death and Rebirth: Session Four
Stonebend Nightmares

After traveling for around four days, the party makes their way to the Stonebend town entrance to investigate the possibility of a necromancer lying in wait here. They’re stopped by a guard who recognizes Havine and lets the party through. They head for the barracks, where Havine knows the captain of the guard who may know something about what’s going on. They’re stopped by Colter, an ex-bandit, who proceeds to point out that he thinks bringing a tiefling into town is a bad idea, and then makes eyes at Tally (who rolls her visible eye as they move along). 
Olivar pauses in training a recruit to speak with Havine. Relentless pretends to write in his journal but is reading lips to “listen” to Havine and Olivar’s conversation. There’s an awkward conversation about Relentless’s presence, but upon mention of a necromancer, Olivar blanks out strangely and then denies any knowledge of undead or a necromancer nearby.  He at least agrees to put out an extra watch near the forest.
While this conversation is happening, Kitrick loses twice to the recruit in a dart-throwing contest despite moral support from Tally and Medericus. Kitrick pickpockets the kid out of spite and gets a few gold pieces from it.
Relentless moves out with the others and goes straight to a shop to get a hooded cloak to cover his horns/face/tail, much to Havine’s dismay. 
They see Flint, a friend to Havine, running around trying to chase a chicken and get it back from a stalking cat. Much silliness happens when Relentless catches the chicken with Mage Hand, and Havine grabs the cat (after getting pecked a couple of times from an angry chicken). Medericus hangs back and plays silly music while this is going on. 
Flint tells them about a little girl that had been missing, and found out in the hills. She was pale, stone cold, and wouldn’t speak. He says she’s at home with her mother and that she was brought there a few days ago.
Dusk falls when they head to the temple of Pelor (Relentless and Havine have a conversation about the town’s simplemindedness and racism towards tieflings on the way). The party follows Havine, a bit subdued in respect for the importance of the place to their cleric. Relentless hangs back and checks out the aesthetic magical charms in the temple, sketching in his journal. The others stick closer to Havine; Kitrick uncomfortably so. 
Beauregarde is speaking to an acolyte about the Spring equinox coming soon before turning to Havine and immediately commenting on her absence. He regards the others with a sneer and pointedly ignores any attempt at conversation with them. Havine mentions undead things in the forest and a necromancer, to which Father Beauregarde is cold and dismissive. However, when she presses on, he warns her to quiet down and presses a hastily written note into her hand, telling her to speak with him later, before dismissing her.
Near the end of the conversation, Tally feels the amulet given to her by Jasttor pulse gently for a few seconds before it stops. Kitrick mentions checking the temple out later for clues, but after they come up with some kind of plan. They make their way back to the simple inn of Stonebend. Medericus decides to chat up the female innkeeper later; she reacts in fear to Relentless but not outright hostility. They take their rooms and have a team meeting.
Havine voices her worries about Olivar’s and Beauregarde’s strange behaviors. Tally wonders if someone at the church has anything to do with what’s going on, and mentions the amulet’s odd pulsing. She mentions how the amulet works, smiling briefly at the memory of Jasttor (Havine fangirls a little, Medericus does waggly eyebrows, Kitrick gags, Relentless is clueless). Havine takes out the note pressed into her hands by Beauregarde and hands it to Relentless to decipher since it’s written in Celestial, much to the party’s annoyance. Relentless translates: “The town is in danger. Keep quiet, keep safe. Meet me before the sun rises at the oak tree.” Havine tells them about the giant tree by the library. Kitrick seems skeptical, saying that meeting in the middle of town just before everyone wakes is odd. At first, Havine says they shouldn’t go with her, but when the party insists the circumstances of this meeting are sketchy, she lets them start planning on how to get them all there just in case. She mentions that she dislikes Beauregarde, but trusts him; Tally says he may have been forced to lead them into a trap. 
Relentless says it’s best to “trust your friends, but deal the cards yourself.” He begins to put together a plan, suggesting that they go out there before the set time and let Tally and Kitrick wait in hiding while the rest meet Beauregarde in person, with Medericus disguising himself as an average Stonebend commoner and Relentless himself using his Detect Thoughts from the amulet. 
Satisfied with this plan, the party heads to bed (Tally checks her amulet with no results), resulting in some disturbing dreams.
Kitrick-You dream of wandering a vast, endless plain at night. The stars are clear and shining above you and seem to be beckoning you. Before you can answer their call, hands shoot up from beneath the ground to drag you under until you suffocate.
Medericus-You dream of cold mountain peaks on an island of frost. You wander for days which turn to weeks which turn to months, but there is no other living thing on the island with you. You realize you are utterly alone.
Tally-You dream of walking through a scorching desert. Your feet are burning and you feel yourself beginning to turn to ash. Your last memory before scattering away is two huge eyes watching you with disappointment.
Havine-You dream of hacking away at a stubborn tree root that holds you to the ground. Eventually you manage to rip the root apart and pull it from the ground, but as you do you realize it is bleeding human blood. It pours all over the ground as you watch in horror.
Relentless-You dream of being wrapped in pleasant, velvety warmth. It comforts you, and you realize that there is a distinct dampness to it with the strong smell of copper. It does not bother you. You embrace it and let yourself be cradled by it.

They carry out their plan the next morning and Havine speaks with Beauregarde, who is displeased that she didn’t come alone. He reveals that there has been a necromancer lying in wait for 27 years, having infiltrated the town in that time. It is Chogrim, the same necromancer that Albion the unicorn had mentioned. Chogrim, after a horrible display of his magic, threatened to turn the whole town into his personal undead army if Beauregarde didn’t do exactly as he wanted. (Meanwhile, Relentless is probing Beauregarde’s mind using his amulet of Detect Thoughts). Beauregarde admits to being a part of the plot, saying what he did was “for the safety of the town.” He backs away, apologizing profusely, when undead begin to appear.

Death and Rebirth: Session Three
The Corruption of Albion

The party wakes early to a light rain and sunrise. The campfire has been put out and the party decides what to do next. They have a quick breakfast (Relentless asks about Medericus’s keytar which was apparently made in Aerilon) and decide to follow the tracks Tally had found the night before. Medericus tells Aungor about the missing dwarf woman (one of the hunters who are married to each other).
They make their way deeper into the forest and come upon a marshy, muddy grove that stinks of rotting vegetation. A large white figure comes into view and the party recognizes it is a unicorn, but… its body is not whole. Parts of its skeleton are showing and it is very obviously undead. It slowly turns its pale gaze upon them and makes its way over with menacing purpose. 
Aungor instantly uses his wild shape to turn into a bear, lumbering up to the unicorn and biting it. Medericus attempts to use magic to incapacitate the unicorn with laughter but it fails, but he still gives Kitrick inspiration (sings “Sweet Child o’ Mine”). Kitrick casts minor illusion to give the unicorn the appearance of having a flaming mane, but the unicorn seems not to care about this development. It kicks out with hooves and gores Aungor with its horn, damaging the druid enough to force him back into his dwarven form. Havine moves forward and uses radiant magic to damage the unicorn, then summons a Spiritual Weapon to help attack it. The unicorn, as a Legendary Action, summons a dark shield of blackness that forms to its skin. Tally pulls out her longbow, and though there is a lot in her way she is a sharpshooter and she manages a hard-hitting sneak attack arrow. Relentless casts Shatter to do thunder damage to the unicorn. It uses another Legendary Action to draw the life out of nearby flora and heal itself. The sickly aura of its corrupted magic poisons both Tally and Relentless. 
Aungor casts Barkskin on himself. Medericus tries to use Vicious Mockery on the unicorn which fails, but uses Healing Word on Aungor (“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s a healing word for Aungor maybe”). Aungor does the “thanks, brah” head nod. Kitrick climbs into the unicorn’s ribcage and attempts to saw at its spine to cut it in half from the inside. It’s a slow process and doesn’t work on the first turn. The unicorn makes a braying noise, similar to a horse but awful and distorted with its ruined throat. An undead bear lumbers out of a nearby cave to aid in fighting. The unicorn charges at Medericus and knocks him prone. The bear attacks Aungor and misses on the first swipe of its claws, but catches him with the second. Havine heals Medericus and Aungor. Tally shoots the bear with her steel arrows with sneak attack damage. She tries to stealth but fails to find anywhere suitable to hide. Relentless casts Dissonant Whispers, doing some minor damage on the unicorn. 
Aungor casts Lightning Bolt and kills the undead bear and heals Medericus. Medericus decides to try and mock the unicorn (“It’s a good thing you’re dead, because your father would be very disappointed in you”) but it does not seem to understand it is being mocked. Medericus sings “Captain Tally Alexander” and gives Tally a d6 of inspiration. Kitrick keeps trying to saw the unicorn in half, manages to loosen a vertebra, and ducks out of the ribcage. The unicorn casts Entangle and manages to root everyone but Medericus and Kitrick. Havine is close enough to hit it and makes it stumble to one knee. Tally makes the killing shot, severing what’s left of its spine with a steel arrow (“That’s for my friends, asshole!”)
The shimmering form of the unicorn’s spirit appears and thanks them for releasing it from a necromancer’s spell. He says that a necromancer named Chogrim had been trying to use animals in the forest to begin his undead army a few weeks ago. Albion (the unicorn) had tried to fight him but lost, resulting in the undead form. Chogrim would not answer any question in regards to who he was working for, if anyone. Havine offers to do something else for Albion but he says that defeating the undead body was enough. He blesses them with immunity to the next poison check that happens (of the players’ choices). The party deduces that the necromancer must be in Stonebend after Aungor says there’s been nothing new happening in Dunn’s Gate.
They ask about the missing dwarf hunter and Albion shamefully admits being the one to kill her in his undead form. He points her out nearby. Her hawk is above them, watching. The party decides to take her body back to Dunn’s Gate. Relentless asks the woman a few questions (since his patron allows him to do so with dead people). He checks out a nearby cave and sees a bunch of dead bear cubs (he does not understand death so he believes they are sleeping). He harvests a few wild strawberries.
Medericus tries to trick Havine into looking away while snapping the unicorn’s horn off to take it with them and fails, resulting in Havine’s disapproval. However, when convinced by Kitrick that it may be useful, and Aungor agreeing that there was no need to let the dead body go to waste, she takes it and puts it away to make sure Medericus doesn’t try to hawk it at the Dunn’s Gate shops.
The party heads to Dunn’s Gate carrying the body of the missing dwarf woman. 
While in Dunn’s Gate, several characters go to take care of some business. Relentless haggles with Elssol for the amulet that has charges of Detect Thoughts and gets it for half off when he claims it is for university research. Medericus and Tally ask the guard about their reward, but Tally only takes half, saying that the job is unfinished until they get rid of the necromancer. Medericus pouts buts relents to Tally’s honest reaction to the situation. She goes to give him a little extra from her own cut, but he refuses it. She insists that she’ll “buy him a drink later”.  When they head back to the inn, Jasttor isn’t anywhere to be seen; Ilweth is with one of the dwarven druids (the one with all the birds) to let Jasttor get some rest since he’d been too stubborn to go to sleep. Tally goes out to buy some arrows and finds that the vendor recently got in some special ones, so she buys all three of them.
Relentless starts to read some of the book he’d found on the “borrow library” shelf aloud to Kitrick who happens to be there. It ends up being a trashy romance novel. Tally buys everyone drinks later on in the night and a lively party ends up happening with all the party members and the Dunn’s Gate tavern dwarves.

Death and Rebirth: Session Two
Betrayal of Friends

The group wakes up and makes their way downstairs, where breakfast is being served. Aungor is already awake (and eating a large dwarf’s breakfast, earning some teasing from Havine). Jasttor makes his way downstairs and looks exhausted, not having had any sleep the night before. He asks the group to help him in interrogating Ilweth, revealing that he’s “not very good at interrogations”.
He goes with Medericus and Kitrick upstairs to a room where they question Ilweth. Tally waits just outside the door. Kitrick uses a poisoned dagger and Gnawdy as intimidation but doesn’t go as far as hurting Ilweth before she reveals needed information. She was to assassinate Jasttor and stop him from reporting back to the Metalhearts. This was to be the prerequisite for her initiation as a true member of her organization: the Red Dragon cult. This cult is a collection of Tiamat worshippers looking to help overtake cities from the inside and lie in wait while she is resurrected. 
Ilweth then reveals that the Red Dragon cult knew this information because the Metalhearts have a spy in their ranks: a human by the name Ashwing.
Jasttor straightens, turns around, and storms his way out, accidentally knocking into Tally on the way out. He stops to help her up and give her a quick apology, but continues downstairs and out of the inn. 
Havine, Relentless, and Aungor are still downstairs, curious about the others but not about to nose into their business; Relentless casually puts an arm around Havine, alerting Aungor to their relationship, but the dwarf decides not to say anything on it until later.
Back upstairs, Kitrick continues questioning Ilweth about how and why she joined the cult in the first place. Reluctantly, she tells them that she was once a citizen of an elf city, and as a child, a few of the cultists arrived asking after talented children in the arcane arts. Thinking the cultists were professors, Ilweth and some of the other children went with them, supposedly to learn and study under them and come back after their education. However, they were spirited away and brainwashed to be loyal to the Red Dragon cult, never to see their families again. Ilweth mentions a brother and her mother. She also quickly reiterates that she owes her livelihood to the cult, as if defending them. Feeling empathy for their prisoner, Kitrick quietly promises that, if she ever wished to return to her family, he would help her. She nods but says nothing else.
Tally goes downstairs and looks for Jasttor, going outside to find him by the Kinesp River outside the inn. They’re silent for a few moments before he tells her that Ashwing was his friend, seeming angry and upset about the whole situation. Tally offers him a stone to throw into the water saying that it “might make [him] feel better”. (He tries to skip it but his lack of dexterity makes it simply plop into the water). He tells Tally that he needs to leave the group and report back to the Metalhearts about Favnir, properly imprison Ilweth, and investigate the matter of Ashwing’s betrayal. He gives her the amulet he’d been wearing, telling her that the Metalhearts’ base location will be revealed to her through it, as well as any other important locations to their quest. He tells her that he implicitly trusts her to do the right thing and carry on as the group’s guide in his place, and then heads back to the inn, leaving her stunned in his wake.
Some of the party heads back up to the gates to do business. Kitrick does a day of work for Bega, knocking 5gp off his total amount of the cost of training Gnawdy, and she teaches Gnawdy the difference between friend and foe. Tally and Medericus get assurance from a guard that they will be compensated in gold for taking care of the problems in the forest.
Back at the inn, Relentless buys caffar tea leaves (and learns of a few other available teas, including one called “birthnot”). 
The party (minus Jasttor and Ilweth) heads to the forest, noticing the strange, quiet feel to it right off. Havine investigates a set of bloody wolf tracks and finds a corpse, seemingly killed by a man made weapon. Right when Relentless warns Aungor, nearest to the dead wolf, to watch for it in case it bites, it actually DOES come to life and the party becomes surrounded by an undead wolf pack. More and more filter in throughout the battle, including a huge alpha wolf.
Immediately, Tally shoots one of the first wolves and crits it, killing it instantly. Aungor shape-shifts into a bear to help fight the wolves. Medericus switches between healing a few party members with Healing Word and using his two-handed weapons. Havine Turns Undead and heals the party when they get critically low; most notably, she gets a critical hit against the alpha wolf just before its necrotic breath nearly knocks Relentless unconscious. Relentless allows himself to be bitten and uses Hellish Rebuke against the alpha before summoning an Eldritch Blast. Kitrick attempts to climb on top of the alpha wolf and grapple it, but it is too large for him to successfully get on top; he casts Darkness as well, making it difficult for the wolf to aim for them. Relentless then finishes the alpha and a feared wolf with Shatter.
The battle has left the party weary and in need of rest. They find a suitable place for camp and forage for food for a few hours; Tally investigates tracks leading deeper into the woods that they agree to follow in the morning. They rest for the night.

Death and Rebirth: Session One
Dunn's Gate

Havine and Relentless make it to Dunn’s Gate and meet with Aungor. There have been strange reports of unnatural phenomenon happening in the forest near that area, and as friendly neighbors, the dwarves requested help to check it out.
Meanwhile, the other group’s travels have taken them here after many miles of being together (Tally, Kitrick/Gnawdy, Medericus, Jasttor, and their prisoner Ilweth). Jasttor takes Ilweth to an inn to keep her away from the general public and to make sure she has a watch kept over her. Aungor mentions to the adventurers that if they’d like to help investigate the forest, there may be a reward in it for them if they ask the guards up nearer to the gate.
The party heads up to the gate markets, where there are a myriad of different shops. Tally sells some gems to the jeweler. Relentless checks out an arcane rune near the gate, meant to bar entry to any who do not have permission to enter Dunn’s Keep. Kitrick inquires about training Gnawdy and strikes a deal with Bega (the exotic animal handler) to work a few days at her shop to help lower the price of training. Havine buys potions and manages to haggle the price down; Relentless asks about artifacts and is given the rundown about an amulet that lets the wearer detect thoughts, a hat that allows the wearer to breathe underwater, and a pair of thieves’ gloves that give the wearer nimble fingers when pickpocketing and lockpicking. Kitrick effortlessly steals two potions from Elssol’s shop without being seen. Tally employs the help of Medericus to haggle down the price of a potion for themselves (Medericus then flirts with Elssol, who seems flattered enough to lower the price somewhat).
Medericus and Relentless both ask about herbs/tea, which Elssol scoffs about, sending them to Whitney at the Elkshead Inn to ask. Medericus asks an upset hunter what his problem is and gains information about the hunter’s wife who’d gone missing in the woods some time ago, seeking a beast only known to them as the forest’s protector. She has a hawk companion.
They eventually begin heading back at dark. Relentless and Havine fish for pearls to no avail. Kitrick plays around with some herbal recipes with herbs he’s picked up on his travels. 
The group gets rooms at the inn. Relentless and Havine stay together, Aungor and two of his druid friends take another, Medericus takes a room and eventually drags Kitrick inside to sleep, and Tally gets her own room. Jasttor has a room with Ilweth but keeps watch all night instead of sleeping.

The Agent of Tiamat
Entire Campaign

Frostshore: Marketplace. 

An old ferrywoman took you to the docks of Frostshore, where the spring thaw had just started setting in. She told you the storyteller’s version of Bahamut and Tiamat, and of your job involving finding and stopping the last cultist who followed Tiamat’s teachings. The town guards seemed few and somewhat lax as you entered into the Courtyard, where many merchants sold their wares. The population seemed to be comprised of all humans, who were unused to other races and showed various amounts of wariness towards you.
Kitrick, as a halfling, was treated as a child and took advantage of this. Though he caused a bit of a ruckus in the square by committing thievery and starting a chase, he also found out that their quarry was a dragonborn with “burnished, metallic scales”.
Medericus was regarded with more than a little fascination and curiosity as a silver dragonborn. As he made his way through the markets, he, too, learned of the person they were to find, and that he had been in the markets earlier that day.
Grethe, always on the lookout for items of value to persuade her criminal brother to help her, set up a heist at the jeweler’s with Seraphina and Tally as her accomplices. It was a success, and she gained some trinkets of value after having a hard time getting other shopkeepers to understand her Dwarvish language.
Seraphina acted as Grethe’s translator from time to time, and used her performing skills to earn a name in Frostshore. She was nearly scammed by a traveling artist, but Medericus stepped in and helped take care of the situation.
Tally encountered a lot of racism as a half-elf, unfortunately, but using her basic knowledge of Elvish weaponry, called out a lying merchant and managed to get a nice longbow for an affordable price.

Frostshore: Tavern. 

The Frosty Beer Mug was a small, humble tavern. You all sat at a large table and ordered drinks as two performers tried to get your attention subtly. A severe, strange looking woman also regarded you from afar.
Upon drinking the beer you all ordered, Medericus and Grethe both fell into a light sleep. The bartender had slipped you all a mild sedative, though not all of you partook in it, and altogether seemed a sloppy attempt to poison the party. The two dozing members shook off the effects fairly quickly, thanks to their sturdy makeup, and the nervous bartender ran out the back door after stammering that he’d been told to put the sedatives in their beer pitcher.
Meanwhile, Kitrick investigated the strange woman and noticed that she seemed to be a magic user. She sneered at him and stomped upstairs and away from them.
Grethe recognized one of the performers as Tim. The two of them tell the party that they are being watched, and invite the party to spend the night and rest at their place. After some attempts at spying on the strange woman through the window via standing on one another's’ shoulders, the party is directed by the two friendly minstrels to meet someone named Gunnur in the forest that night.

Frostshore: Forest.

You rested and met in the forest several hours later. The party was attacked by wolves, though they were quickly killed (and harvested by some). The party got to the bridge, where a horse carriage had been overturned and lit on fire. You all used various means of getting around and across the river/bridge, eventually pushing the carriage into the water, and met up with Gunnur.
Gunnur tells you that the dragonborn you sought was being chased by someone, and the two of them caused the carnage done to his carriage. He mentions that his horse was cast into the river, as well.
He leads you through the dark woods to a strange, dark hole in the ground, where a ladder led downwards. He tells you that that was likely where their quarry went and leaves you all to camp for the night, taking turns as lookout. This results in some party members stealing items from each other.

Frostshore: Underground Tunnel. 

You descended into the tunnel, which seemed to be carved out by hand with old, out-of-date tools. You make your way through a partially blocked path, where you corner a few giant spiders and kill them before taking a few items that seemed to be left behind. Grethe found an item that helped to point her towards what she asked it for (in this case, loot).
As you continued through the tunnel, you discovered some crated items and a shipping order that was marked off and scratched out. This clued you in onto interrupted shipments of items. The smuggler who had been waiting for the next people to take the shipment was killed by a spike trap that you all managed to get through by carefully walking around the activated prongs.
You then found a few useful potions, but also incurred the wrath of another cornered spider, larger than the last ones you killed. Seraphina and Tally worked together to bathe it in oil before roasting it alive, but Grethe was knocked unconscious by its venomous bite, but Kitrick’s herbalism skills and antidotes came in helpful and restored Grethe before she succumbed to the venom.
The party then came across a second dungeon trap, which involved the use of pressure plates that triggered acid clouds. Tally attempted to disarm the trap to no avail. Kitrick managed to run through, but inhaled the acid. Medericus tried his best to use his ice breath in order to freeze the mechanisms of the trap, but the acid burned through the ice too quickly. This ended with Medericus using his superior strength to throw everyone across the pressure plates, with varying amounts of success. You took a long rest in the halls of the dungeon, sleeping off the acid’s effects and healing naturally.
You then entered the first large, open room in the underground tunnel. Tally found Thunder Thighs, the horse belonging to Gunnur, alive and irritated, but unharmed. There were many smaller spiderlings skittering about, though none looked for battle. Kitrick befriended one by feeding it one of the sweetrolls he’d stolen from the marketplace, though he wouldn’t find it again until later.
The party was then confronted by a small, fledgling black dragon when Grethe tried to go for its hoard. Blight, as was the dragon’s name, fought Grethe until Medericus managed to persuade it to come to a truce. Blight agreed on the condition that she go with them and make sure they kill off the one who managed to escape her claws. The party agreed to these uneasy terms and continued on.
Kitrick found a small, glowing stone that called to him through an empathic connection, and upon discovering it, he also found a copper dragon frozen in some kind of clear quartz, magical in nature. Kitrick kept it to himself for the moment.
The party made it through a magical glyph of warding into the next room, where Jasttor the dragonborn was fighting the wizard woman from the tavern earlier, Ilweth. Jasttor immediately trusted the party despite not knowing for certain if they were “good” (he may have assumed because a silver dragonborn was in their midst).
The party, deciding to trust Jasttor when he said that he came to investigate an attack on the earlier captured copper dragon and was attacked by Ilweth, helped him kill Blight and capture Ilweth.
Jasttor explained that he was part of a resistance against Tiamat, who has told lies and used propaganda to make the people think that SHE was the one defeated and captured, when it is Bahamut who was the one who was defeated. Tiamat and her followers have manipulated things to a point where the party ended up being ordered to hunt Jasttor down by even regular townspeople who were unknowingly in on the large-scale scheme. 
He asks the party if they would follow him in the fight against Tiamat’s influence. Grethe decides that this is far too large a task for her to continue and backs out. Seraphina also decides that she would rather increase her own fame than go on a huge quest to save the world, so to speak. Tally, Kitrick, and Medericus opt to continue.
Also, Kitrick found his spider friend again, and managed to get it to come with him on his journey. Her name is Gnawdy.

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